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About Us

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Micro Mushroom Resource Centre

The Micro Mushroom Resouce Centre is dedicated to providing care and education to individuals about responsible psilocybin use. We provide training and care to optimize mind-body-spirit wellness. 

Our Mission is to provide Canadians with a safe atmosphere to talk about their insurest in psilocybin micro-dosing and providing an encouraging environment to promote healthy mental health. 


Terry Roycroft

In 2010, Terry Roycroft founded MCRCI, the first Canadian private organization - with licensed physicians to educate and sign in support of qualified patients looking for legal access and guidance for medicinal cannabis. MCRCI set the standard as the leading pioneers of the cannabis clinic model, within Canada with a team of doctors who specialize in prescribing Cannabis.


With his knowledge and experience in the medicinal cannabis industry, Mr. Roycroft soon became one of the top consultants in the country for Canadian medical marijuana programs and industries.

Mr. Roycroft continues to expand his network and database within the industry, locally and internationally, by working with production sites, pharmacists, medical laboratories, doctors, and patients. Mr. Roycroft travels the globe delivering cannabis education, with talks in Australia to the College of Physicians, Berlin, Thailand- and with regular appearances and talks across Canada to HR groups, senior care facilities, as well as being a frequent panelist on cannabis education in trade shows. Mr. Roycroft has been featured in a number of cannabis related news, interviews, and press appearances from Global TV, The Vancouver Sun, and BC Business Magazine.

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